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Dennis P Walsh Bio

I was born in New York City and raised on Long Island, New York.  After graduating from high school I went to college in Boston, Massachusetts. It turned out it wasn't what I wanted, so I left, returned to New York, and went to a local community college in upstate New York. After receiving my Associate of Arts degree, I worked for a storage company, located in a large cave and as a computer operator for a startup company in the same cave.  I wanted to finish my bachelors degree, but there weren't any colleges close by that offered Business Administration or Accounting degrees.  After coming to California for a vacation, and knowing I would have to move to finish college, I decided to relocate. I found a place in Venice Beach, and enrolled at California State University, Long Beach. I attended college during the day, and went to work at night.  After graduating and earning my B.S. in Business and Accounting, I was offered a job as an Auditor for a computer company, Burroughs Computers (later known as Unisys).  I worked for them several years as an Auditor, then as Cost Accounting Supervisor, Financial Analyst, Inventory Manager, Manager of Manufacturing Engineering, and Assistant to the Plant Manager.  It was during my time at Burroughs (Unisys), that I was accepted at UCI, Irvine into their Executive MBA program.  It was there I met my wife, so I married my college sweetheart. A few years later I decided I didn't want to work for a big corporation, so I left.

I decided to work for myself.  I took a tax course so that I could prepare income taxes and became a QuickBooks advisor. Having been around computers for so long, I fixed PC hardware and software, set up internet access, networking and network security. I also worked part time with a CPA firm for 10 years where I helped with tax preparation.

I would have continued doing those things, but one day my wife met a 9 year old girl who was available for adoption. They formed a connection and we earned our foster care license in order to bring her into our home.  When our daughter moved in, we discovered she had two brothers, aged 5 and 6, housed in a county facility in San Dimas.  After visiting the boys for several months, we investigated inviting them into our home.  After a few more months of family therapy to assure a smooth transition, they moved in with us the day before the new school year started.

Since my wife had the corporate job with benefits it made sense for me to become the stay at home parent.  It was clear early on that it would be best to have a the extra hands around.  I was shocked at the hyper activity of students and with the large class sizes, it was clear the teachers needed help.  I volunteered in their classrooms, stood guard monitoring their behavior during recess and ended up spending a lot of time at their school.  In the spring the PTA asked me to serve as Auditor and at election time to run as Treasurer. After 2 years I was asked to be President.  When you are a PTA President in our district, you are part of the Saddleback Valley PTA Council, which is the PTA at the school district level.  After my term as President ended, I continued to serve on the local PTA as Treasurer, Auditor, Parliamentarian, and Advocacy Chair, as well as serving on the Saddleback PTA Council board, holding multiple positions. During this time, the President of the SVPTA Council became the President of the Fourth District PTA, which is the PTA at the county level and asked me to be on the Fourth District Board, where I was part of the Advocacy team, helped out with the website, and improved the email system.

At this time my sons were attending Serrano, and I was asked to be the STPO President there.  I did that for the last two years that my younger son was there.  I was no longer on the Santiago PTA, but was now on the SVPTA board, and the Fourth District PTA's board.  I was even honored to be the Fourth District's Volunteer of the year one year. With respect to other district activities, I served on the Measure B Committee, which was the bond project to modernize our facilities, and on the Strategic Planning Committee, and the Facility Advisory Committee as Serrano's representative.

During this entire time, I was attending school board meetings.  I found out that a lot of what happened at the schools was because of decisions by the school board.  I also felt that the school board was doing a great job, considering the limitations put on them by the state.  I saw that they were there for the students, and not there because of any personal agenda.  I decided that I would like to be on the board, but there was no reason to oust an incumbent.  When two members decided to resign, I realized that there would be no better time to run. I was also approached by several people, asking if I was going to run, and suggesting that I would be a good board member.  So I signed up to run, and was sworn in December of 2010.  I decided to run for reelection in 2014, was supported by the teachers, and won one of the two positions up for election.  Now it is 2018, and I am running for reelection again.  I am not being supported by the teachers this time, because for the last two election cycles, the teacher's union has decided to back only current or former teachers to get as many teachers on the Board as possible.  

This brings us to the present, the 2018 election.


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