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Dennis P Walsh SVUSD School Board - 2018

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My Platform, and my beliefs as to what is most important


I will keep students first. We serve 27,000 students, and 2,800 employees. We have to make decisions that serves the district's students overall the best way possible, yet still serve their parents, our teachers, and other employees.

Safety of our students and employees is of utmost importance. Although impossible to completely eliminate every threat, I will do my best to reduce any potential threat, be prepared for and practice for threats, and work with law enforcement to protect children, their schools, employees, and all our other facilities. Safety considerations must include both external, and internal problems, such as bullying, social media, and physical violence.

I will continue to advocate at all levels of government, local, state, and federal. I have to say that it is difficult to get improvements, since there are hundreds of other groups out there advocating for their own groups. In the past, our best efforts have been to reduce the cuts that the state has proposed. If we hadnít been there to advocate, education funding would have been cut. But we will never stop advocating, because right now, we are dependent on state and federal funding.

I will commit to a 21st century education for our students. What does that mean? We can no longer expect that putting a teacher in front of a class with a board, and students with books that could possibly be out of date by the time they make it to our students will work for everyone. We must accept the fact that graduating from college no longer guarantees a good job. We must accept the fact that not every pathway requires a college degree, and that some might only require an associates degree, or completion of a certificate program. As a result, we need to make sure we understand the shifts, and the needs of the future workplace. To accomplish this we have added to our online program.  We are in the process of changing the classrooms and the learning dynamics to allow for more collaboration and group problem solving.

I will fight for a balanced budget, with strong reserves, to weather financial downturns, and make sure jobs and benefits are protected.  I do not want anyone to lose their job in the district because of the any financial decision we make that has negative budget implications in the future. I will make decisions that support our short and long term goals, and are not shortsighted.

I will keep the Board transparent. Our School Board Meetings are public meetings, and the agenda is published at least 72 hours before our meeting. Our guiding document is the LCAP. This is the Local Control Accountability Plan. This is a working document, prepared for each school year, in conjunction with parents, teachers and administrators. It addresses how we are going to best educate each subgroup, and what goals we have to improve their scores. It also identifies what resources are required to attain these goals. The LCAP is the driving force of our annual 3 year budget.


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